Former KISS guitarist Ace Frehley wants return to KISS for their “End Of The Road” farewell tour. He talked in a recent interview with Guitar World and spoke about the returning to KISS again.

Ace Frehley has revealed his thoughts on how to reconnect KISS and Gene Simmons. He said:

 “It was really easy. Really simple. I’ve known Gene for 45 years. He’s one of my rock ’n’ roll brothers. He came over, sat down, started playing and I joined in. It was pretty matter of fact. But, you know, that’s how I do things.

I called Simmons and asked “You wanna write a couple of songs with me?”. Everybody thinks there’s this mysterious thing you gotta do to get two Kiss guys together, you know? But we all have the others’ cell phone numbers and we just call each other.

The same thing happened when I asked Paul to do the video and sing ‘Fire and Water.’ … It just happened. It was, ‘Yeah, I’d love to do it!’ ‘Okay, great. Let’s do it.’”

As we reported 2 days ago, in another interview with Loudwire, he said that his return to the band depends on promoters. Here’s the statement:

“They’re testing the waters. I think they’re waiting for promoters to come back and say, ‘Well, we’ll give you X amount of dollars if Ace is involved and Peter is involved.’

It’s all about money with those guys and they’ll be the first to admit it, especially Gene. When Doc McGee gets a call from a promoter and they say, ‘We’ll give you double the amount of money with Ace and Peter,’ we’re gonna get the call.”

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