In a recent interview with Eddie Trunk, former KISS guitarist Ace Frehley revealed the story about the hard times with Gene Simmons’ solo band. He said:

“That was hard. … I had performed with Gene’s backup band in Australia, and then Gene, for some reason, canceled his trip to Japan. So I went to Japan with his band and we did eight shows.

And they’re super tight; they all sing lead – four-part harmony. I mean, I’ll never forget playing ‘2000 Man’ the first time with this band, and all of a sudden, I’m hearing all the harmonies that were on the original record done by Paul [Stanley] and Gene. I’m saying, ‘Great.’

So, after the last show in Tokyo, I said to these guys, ‘Are you available? Would you consider doing the [‘Kiss Kruise’]?’ And they said, ‘Yeah.’

They’re all fans of mine. And they’re cheaper than my band, and I’m trying to cut costs down. I cut one crew member… It wasn’t just about funds.

I would have paid them what I’m paying my band right now because they’re that good. But don’t let them know that.”

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