During in a recent interview with Michael Cavacini, original KISS guitarist Ace Frehley talked about the unreleased KISS materials that he got.

Here’s the statement:

“It’s going to be a major undertaking. I have over 100 reels of two-inch tape, dating back to when I had my studio in Connecticut. I have all the solos to the songs on ‘The Elder’ because we recorded a lot of ‘The Elder’ at my studio in Connecticut. A lot of jam sessions, including ones with guys from Alice Cooper’s band. Neal Smith, the bass player.

I don’t even remember half the people from these jam sessions. I’d have to revisit those tapes. I’ve had them locked away in a vault for years. Then it’s a major undertaking because you have to bake the tapes. A two-inch tape, after a while, starts to deteriorate. What you do is you bake it in an oven. I forget the exact process.

But once you bake it you get one good play out of it and then the tape starts shredding with every consecutive play. You get one good take so you transfer everything on to a hard drive and put it into Pro Tools and then you have a perfect copy. It’s going to take me six months to a year to complete that project.

I have unreleased photos. Over 100 cassettes of demos from Gene [Simmons], Paul [Stanley], Peter [Criss]. Rough mixes. Stuff that nobody’s got. Photographs, videos. I have videos of us rehearsing in upstate New York. We used to rehearse in an airplane hanger.

I had one of the first black-and-white video cameras and recorders and I had it on the road with me so I recorded some of that. I’ve got so much crazy stuff I have to revisit. It’s going to take me a while to put that all together.”

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