KISS’ lead guitarist Ace Frehley spoke in a recent interview with ‘At Home And Social With’ and explained how he ended up being together with a senior school teacher in the event.

In the conversation, Ace Frehley stated that he was playing at the convention in December 2018, and he met her in during these sessions. Afterward, this teacher continued to visit Ace in the shows even after months and one thing let another for them.

Additionally, Ace said that this thing happened around a year ago and shocked the fans by saying that this woman was actually the girlfriend of Ace, named Lara Cove, and revealed that he has been living with her since then.

Here is what Ace Frehley said:

“I originally grew up in the Bronx. I’m a native New Yorker. About a year ago, I hooked up with an elementary school teacher in New Jersey, moved in with her, her two kids and a dog, and now I’m a New Jerseyite.

Her name’s Lara Cove. And I met her December 7th at a KISS convention in New Jersey that I was actually performing. I met her on the 7th, and on the 8th, I performed my whole 1978 studio album live. It was standing room only.”

He continued:

“It was the only time I’ve ever done that. There might be YouTube videos of that floating around. I should have recorded it with a real camera crew because I haven’t done it since.

But I met her the day before. She had a booth with these mugs. She painted one of me, Paul, Gene, and Peter.

She gave me this one. She’s a very beautiful woman. We got to talking. And then she came to one of my shows subsequently, several months later. And one thing led to another. I don’t think I need to go any further.”

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