Former Lamb of God drummer Chris Adler appeared on Sobre La Dosis YouTube channel and revealed his favorite top three metal albums of all time. For Adler, Megadeth’s ‘Peace Sells…but Who’s Buying?’ was the ‘Bible’ album of thrash metal.

Chris Adler was briefly a member of Megadeth from 2015 to 2016 while was still a part of Lamb of God. He played on the band’s 2016 album, ‘Dystopia,’ and also took part in all of the band’s live shows during the following world tour. However, in 2016, he decided to leave Megadeth due to the band’s pressure on him to leave Lamb of God and be a full member of Megadeth.

The drummer was a long-time fan of Megadeth, so it was an amazing experience for him to play with the band, but apparently, the moment wasn’t right. Chris Adler had revealed his great admiration for Megadeth in some of his previous interviews as well, so it is not surprising to find out that the first albums he named among his favorites were from Megadeth.

Adler highlighted that Megadeth’s ‘Peace Sells…but Who’s Buying?’ undoubtedly marled the top point of thrash metal. He stated that that album developed his taste in technicality. Chris Adler also listed the band’s 1990 album, ‘Rust in Peace’ among his favorite albums of all time by saying that he really likes the guitar work on that album. The drummer noted that either ‘Peace Sells’ or ‘Rust in Peace’ is his number one album because of all these reasons.

When asked about his top three metal albums of all time, Chris Adler replied:

“I think for a long time, ‘Peace Sells’ by Megadeth was absolutely… I would’ve told you it was the Bible of everything metal. In that, I kind of grew into a bit more of a taste for technicality. I really do enjoy, especially the guitar work, on Megadeth’s album ‘Rust In Peace.’ I think that’s probably… that or ‘Peace Sells’ is my number one album.”

You can watch the full interview below.