During a recent conversation on the ’80s Glam Metalcast, Former Rainbow and Deep Purple vocalist Joe Lynn Turner talked about his old times in legendary guitarist Yngwie Malmsteen’s band and has shared his thoughts about the performance of the guitarist’s ‘Odyssey’ album, which was released in 1988.

Turner praised his own vocal performance on the Odyssey album, saying that he thought it was one of the best works he did so far.

He also anonymously criticized Yngwie Malmsteen with really harsh words. He said that Malmsten had pushed the band over to the side and had gone into a weird direction. In addition, he stated that his behavior was embarrassing.

Here’s what Joe Lynn stated:

“Personally, I think it’s some of the best work Yngwie or I have ever done. I think that is a brilliant album. It still stands the test of time. ‘Odyssey’ is just powerful. Every track is a great song, and yet incredible virtuoso playing by Yngwie.

My vocal performances I couldn’t get better, I think, if I tried. The writing – everything was just there in that package all at once. Of course, I know for a fact, as far as numerically, it’s the biggest album he’s ever had.

And I’m still playing some of those songs with my band – absolutely. People wanna hear that stuff.”

He continued:

“He does ‘Rising Force’ and a few other songs, but he’s singing them, and it’s just not gonna work… Sometimes you’re influenced by the people around you. I’m not gonna mention names.

And it’s a shame because you need guidance not only from yourself, of course, your interior, but you need external guidance, too, from people whom you trust and admire and whom you can believe in.”

He added:

“And I don’t think he’s getting the right information. He pushed the band over to the side and he’s got 15, 20 amps and he’s in center-stage and he’s trying to sing, and I go, ‘What is that?’

It doesn’t work. And I think for me, as a fan – Yngwie, I think he’s a brilliant guitar player – it’s just not working anymore. He’s gone into a weird direction here. You can’t tell people sometimes, though. What are you gonna do?”

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