The former member of Marilyn Manson and David Lee Roth and also the current guitarist of Rob Zombie, John 5, was recently interviewed by Revolver Magazine and showed off his admiration for Jimi Hendrix in every way he could.

At the end of 2018, over 70.000 people have voted to chose the Greatest Guitarist Of All Time and this online poll put Jimi Hendrix at the top of the list over the legends like Jimmy Page of Led Zeppelin, Eddie Van Halen, and Pink Floyd’s David Gilmour. Even Joe Satriani, who was the 13th musician on the list, admitted that Jimi deserves to be called the greatest of all time.

Being praised by such legends like that, it’s not a surprise that Jimi is a huge admiration for most of the stars who has born in the second half of the 20th century. As you may check out his statements right below that John 5 is one of those guitarists who has grown listening to Jimi Hendrix.

While John 5 admits that he still clearly remembers the first time he heard Jimi Hendrix, he also announced his favorite Hendrix song, which is ‘If 6 Was 9.’ According to Jimi, the most difficult about learning a Hendrix song is learning it correctly because he has many unique chords and sounds. He also did not hesitate to call Jimi a genius personality.

Revolver Magazine asked:

“Jimi Hendrix Is Widely Regarded as One of the Most Influential Guitarists Ever. What Does He Mean to You?”

John 5 responded:

“Jimi Hendrix is like a family member to me that’s how close his music and his life were to me. I listened to him every day, studied his music, his style, everything about Hendrix. I was obsessed and devoted my life to learning his catalog and how he played.”

Revolver Magazine asked:

“Do You Remember the First Time You Heard Jimi Hendrix?”

John 5 responded again:

“I remember it clearly. I was watching cable TV — that just came out — and they were showing Woodstock the movie and there was nothing else to watch so I watched it and I saw Jimi Hendrix.

It completely blew my mind. I couldn’t believe it— it was a total epiphany and changed my life forever.”

And here is what John 5 told about his favorite Jimi Hendrix song:

“My favorite song I remember was “If 6 Was 9.” I just loved that song, everything about it. I learned it right away and played it every day and also played it at the school talent show.”

Click here to read the source of the article and you can listen to If 6 Was 9′ below.