Rob Zombie guitarist John 5 shared a video of himself while playing his guitar and feeding his Sphynx cats at the same time, proving his skills of multitasking on his official Instagram page, and former Van Halen member Michael Anthony seems to be impressed by his talent.

As you may know, John 5 often performs riffs on his social media accounts featuring at least one of his Sphynx cats which every single one of them is extremely adorable. While John 5 is playing his guitar they just chill around and play with him which fans are thrilled to see every time since the cuteness level is over the moon.

This time John 5 shared another video with his Sphynx cats while he’s playing on his official Instagram page yet this time he fed the cats while he was actually playing the guitar. Since he showed off his multitasking skills, fans poured a bunch of comments under his latest post and praised his talent.

Here is what John 5 said:

I’m learning how to multitask more and more wait for the end.”

Other than fans, The Circle bassist Michael Anthony shared a comment under John 5’s impressive video. Michael stated that he managed to do both jobs at the same time as he sounded astonished by John 5’s abilities.

Here is what Anthony said:

“Hahahaha. You got that one down!!”

You can see the Instagram video below.