Former Megadeth guitarist Chris Poland recently joined an interview with Sofa King Cool and revealed that Dave Mustaine wrote the band’s song, ‘Liar,’ for him as he was angry with him at the time.

Chris Poland joined Megadeth in 1984 after being recommended by the band’s drummer Gar Samuelson, who was also his friend. The guitarist contributed to the band’s 1985 album, ‘Killing Is My Business…and Business Is Good,’ and 1986 album, ‘Peace Sells…But Who’s Buying?’ However, Poland was fired from Megadeth along with Samuelson due to his substance addiction.

As the story goes, Dave Mustaine fired Chris Poland after finding out that Poland sold off the band’s guitar gear without permission to fund his heroin habit. Mustaine was so angry with Poland that he even wrote a song named ‘Liar’ for him, featured in the band’s 1988 album, ‘So Far, So Good…So What!’ Later on, Chris Poland played also in Megadeth’s 2004 album, ‘The System Has Failed,’ but he didn’t rejoin the band.

During the interview, Poland confirmed that Mustaine wrote this song specifically for him due to his unresolved anger towards him. Chris Poland was asked what he felt when he first heard the lyrics, and the guitarist admitted that he was kind of surprised, but he didn’t care much. Poland implied that Mustaine might have used these harsh words towards him, but he was not innocent either.

Chris Poland on whether Dave Mustaine’s lyrics targeted him:

“Oh, yeah. Obviously, Dave was very upset with me when I left the band — when he fired me, basically.”

When asked about whether he was angry when he first the lyrics, Poland replied:

“No, man. It’s like the pot calling the kettle black, man. When you point your finger, man, there’s three pointing back at you. I just rolled my eyes and was, like, ‘Really?‘”

You can watch the full interview and also listen to the song, ‘Liar,’ below.