Speaking in a recent interview with Eddie Trunk’s Trunk Nation podcast, former Megadeth guitarist Marty Friedman talked about rock and metal bands in Japan.

Interviewer asked:

“Living there and knowing music so well and being such a fan of so many types of music, do you see anything in Japan on the horizon that could break in America?”

Marty responded:

“A lot of times people make plans to do that, and it doesn’t happen. And a lot of times people don’t make plans and it does happen.

A good example is Babymetal. When they first started, the farthest thing from their mind was to play outside of Japan, and it just happened. It was just so well done, it just fit into whatever was happening in America at that exact right time.

There’s so much cool stuff, anything can pop anywhere at any time. There’s a band, or maybe not a band, but a unit called PassCode that I’m really into right now, and I just did something with them, kind of a ‘mockumentary’ video for their singles, I just love this unit.

It’s a little bit like Babymetal, but it’s hard to explain. Very tricky musically, and it’s not traditional metal – it’s extremely aggressive, and there’s cute girls in it, so where’s the downside?”

Listen to one of the famous songs of PassCode, Ray, below.

On why he moved Japan, he said:

“I came here strictly for music. There’s just so much music, the Japanese domestic music scene was something that really interested me a lot.

I just knew that I could do more in Japan and reach my potential, grow more musically, do more fulfilling musical projects and kind of go crazier over here, so to speak. I love playing elsewhere and everywhere – it’s allowed me to do what I needed to do musically.”

Click here to source of the statement via Ultimate-Guitar.