During in a recent interview with The Jast Show, former Megadeth guitarist Marty Friedman has revealed an interting story about how the 8-year-old fan surprised him at an event.

He said:

I believe that fans are getting smarter over the years. Yesterday I did this lecture, and it wasn’t on musical topics; it was about Japanese topics. But there was a kid who was eight years old in there and he was asking me about guitar stuff, and he was so intelligent and he knew about my work. And I’m, like, when I was eight years old, I couldn’t even put a sentence together.

So I think what you said about people picking it out more now than before, people are smarter now, and people who decide to listen to metal, it’s more of a conscious decision. Because if you just look around you in America, it’s not metal — it’s not metal.

So you’ve gotta find it. You can find it, and it’s fantastic, but a couple of decades ago, you didn’t have to look too far to see a metal billboard or a metal song on the radio or a metal concert in your area, and it was just more metal in the lifestyle.

But now people are looking for it and finding it. And I think if you spend that effort to find it, you might put a little bit more effort into knowing what it is and details about the music.”

He also mentioned about his conversation with Kiko Loureiro and said:

“I was talking to my bro Kiko Loureiro, and he says that when he hears my playing, he sees a geisha girl graciously moving her hands in the air. You know how sometimes they do when they do a dancing type of thing.

And, of course, there’s a Japanese connection there, but it kind of makes sense, because there’s so much Japan influence in me personally and musically as well that it could be understood that someone might get that out of my playing.

And we were talking about [Allan] Holdsworth, and we both met Holdsworth and we were talking about our Holdsworth experiences. And he had gotten into a really deep conversation with Holdsworth, and from that conversation, it really described the feeling, what you hear when he plays.”

You can listen to the entire interview from below. Click here to source of the statement. (Blabbermouth)