Former Black Sabbath and Dio drummer Vinny Appice spoke in an interview with The Metal Interview host James, and revealed the major difference between songwriting processes of Sabbath and Dio.

Here’s the statement:

“Everyone pitched in on every album since ‘Mob Rules’. ‘Mob Rules’, then we did ‘Live Evil’, that was the live album, then we did ‘Holy Diver’. Everyone pitched in on all these albums. Nobody ever came in with a song.

It was just jamming, putting ideas together and that’s the way it happened. That’s the way we did both LAST IN LINE albums as well.”

He also shared his thoughts about Ronnie James Dio, and said:

“Ronnie was like family. We got along. We really, really clicked. He was a great human being. Very nice. Loved his music. Loved his fans. He remembered everybody’s name.

He loved what he did. He was great in the studio and all the things we did. He was fun to be around. We had a really great relationship. He was like another brother to me.”

You can watch the entire interview below.