Rob Zombie guitarist John 5 was played David Lee Roth’s fifth studio album called “DLR Band” as a lead guitarist in 1998.

He remembered the recording sessions of that album in a recent interview with “Cobras and Fire” podcast, and revealed how David Lee Roth imitated Van Halen’s methods.

Here’s the statement:

“Dave just wanted to make a kickass heavy rock record — kind of like the old Van Halen. He always described… ‘Cause we did our record live. And he said, ‘We’re gonna do it just like Van Halen did back in the day. We’re gonna do it live.’

He wanted everything like that — just really live-sounding and not a lot of overdubs, and just hit it hard in the studio like that, which was really cool.”

He also said that ‘he learned so much’ from David Lee Roth. Interviewer asked if he got any life advice from Dave while they were working together, John 5 responded:

“Oh my God! All the time. Yeah, I learned so much from Dave. He’s super knowledgable. I mean, he’s been doing this since ’77. And he’s been famous since probably ’78.

And he knows the road — he’s paved it. So he’s definitely an inspiring, inspiring person, that’s for sure.”

You can listen to the entire interview below. Click here to source of the statement. (Blabbermouth)