Former Metallica bassist Ron McGovney shared a post to celebrate his former bandmate and Megadeth co-founder, Dave Mustaine’s 60th birthday and to remind him of the days they played together.

As you probably know, both guitarist Dave Mustaine and bassist Ron McGovney were Metallica’s original members. However, their personal problems with the founding members, Lars Ulrich and James Hetfield, led to their early departure from the band.

Ron McGovney left the band after he had personal conflicts with Ulrich and Hetfield, and the founding members fired Mustaine because of his severe alcohol addiction, which led to very aggressive behavior.

With his recent tweet, Ron McGovney celebrated his former bandmate and friend Dave Mustaine’s birthday as a response to Megadeth’s post. After he wished him a happy birthday, he recalled the good times they had while playing together in Metallica.

McGovney’s tweet read:

Happy birthday Dave! We rocked it back in the day. Have a good one. Take care, Ron McG.”

You can see the tweets below.