On Twitter, former bassist of Metallica, Ron McGovney, responded to an interview with the band’s current drummer Lars Ulrich and revealed that his claims about Iron Maiden being the greatest influence on Metallica’s music were not totally true.

Metallica’s iconic drummer Lars Ulrich joined an interview with Apple Music and talked about how the band inspired by the legendary heavy metal band, Iron Maiden. During the interview, Ulrich shared the story of a personal memory he had with Iron Maiden members, Steve Harris and Paul Di’anno.

Moreover, he claimed that Iron Maiden was among the bands which had the biggest influence on Metallica. Lars also mentioned that while he was working out, he listened to the Iron Maiden albums.

Here’s what Lars Ulrich stated about the influence of Iron Maiden on their music:

“My relationship with those guys obviously goes back years and years and years to 1981 in Copenhagen when Steve Harris and the first singer, Paul Di’anno, were kind enough to invite me into the dressing room as I was standing in the shivering cold outside the concert hall in Copenhagen.

They have always been, the hard rock bands, the one that’s probably inspired Metallica the most, they had cooler record covers. They had cooler … The stories and they seem to care more about the fans. They went deeper, the fan club. They had nicknames.

So, as I’ve been trying to stay fit during the last four or five months, when I’ve been working out, obviously you need something to move you along. And so I’ve been hitting the first couple Iron Maiden albums, which always are great to work out to.”

Recently on Twitter, former Metallica bassist Ron McGovney reacted to the claims of Lars Ulrich regarding the relationship between Iron Maiden and Metallica’s music. However, Ron denied Ulrich’s statements saying Iron Maiden was the greatest influence on Metallica‘s music. He even asserted that the biggest inspirations of Metallica were actually Motorhead and Diamond Head.

Here’s what Ron McGovney stated on his recent tweet:

“I have never heard this before. I always thought the biggest influences were Motorhead and Diamond Head. Ironic that I have the first Iron Maiden album that James and I used to learn Remember Tomorrow on eBay.

Additionally, Ron posted the photo of Iron Maiden’s 1980 album ‘Remember Tomorrow‘ and claimed that he and James Hetfield used to listen to the songs and tried to learn them for their band, Leather Charm. McGovney also announced that he would be selling this album on eBay soon.

Here’s how McGovney recalled his memory with James Hetfield back in the 1980s:

“I bought this Iron Maiden album when I was in high school in 1980. James and I used this exact album to learn the song Remember Tomorrow for our band Leather Charm. It is very used, but it has a great history. I will put it up on eBay soon. I will share a link when it’s up.

You can see the tweets posted by Ron McGovney on Twitter below.