Former bass guitarist of Metallica, Jason Newsted, spoke in the interview with Palm Beach Florida Weekly and revealed a little-known record that he had with Ozzy Osbourne.

As you might remember, Jason joined the tour of Ozzy Osbourne in 2003, and the former bass guitarist of Ozzy, Robert Trujillo, replaced Newsted in Metallica during this same period.

In the conversation, Jason stated that the longest show he has ever played was with Ozzy Osbourne in Montreal. In this concert, they made their longest show record with three hours and one minute.

Additionally, Jason revealed how did ended up playing this long. He explained that Ozzy was picking the songs that they have never practiced together, but he was expecting everyone to know these songs. Jason admitted that he played over three songs without knowing them.

Interviewer asked:

“How long were the shows in those days?”

Jason Newsted replied:

“Two and a half hours, no intermission. The longest show I’ve ever performed was with Ozzy – three hours and one minute, in Montreal, in 2003.”

Interviewer asked:

“Did he keep extending the encores; is that how it happened?”

Jason replied:

“I don’t know if the right combination of pills had hit, or he got off of them or was only halfway into them, but he was in a mood that night. We played 28 songs. In any kind of set, 20 is pushing it.

I was playing with him in 2003, so he had already done all of the ‘Blizzard’ stuff, all the cool shit.”

He added:

“He had a couple of hundred songs. I had been in the band for a couple of months, and there would be the same 30 songs we’d push around. He’d call stuff out, and expect everybody to know it. There’s 22,000 people in Montreal, and he’d go, ‘The Wizard!’

I fuckin’ never played ‘The Wizard,’ let alone with him! I played it in my bedroom when I was 14, but never even got all the way through it. We barely made it through. He called out three to five songs that night that I had never played with anybody before.”

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