Metallica’s former bassist Ron McGovney recently tweeted about how there was a fifth member of the band no one knew about in 1982. His performance with the band was so poor that he wasn’t even introduced as a band member.

Metallica was formed after Lars Ulrich put up a newspaper advertisement for band members to jam. James Hetfield responded to the ad, and five months later, they founded Metallica. Hetfield and Ulrich later recruited Dave Mustaine and recorded their first song ‘Hit the Lights.’ The band later recruited a bassist because James Hetfield focused on vocals. Hence Ron McGovney joined the band in its first year.

After almost a year, the band members met Cliff Burton and were amazed by his bass skills. They were sure that he would bring a lot to the band, unlike McGovney, who just ‘followed.’ Burton was recruited, and McGovney left the band to move on and play in another thrash metal band, Phantasm. Regardless, the bassist was in Metallica for a year, and recently he revealed that another musician performed with Metallica, but he wasn’t recruited permanently.

A fan asked on Twitter about a specific name mentioned in the Delux Box set of the ‘Black Album.’ He asked the former bassist who Damian Phillips was, and McGoveney replied that he played the guitar for one show with the band in 1982 at Music Factory Costa Mesa, as Hetfield was just singing at the time. Phillips’ style didn’t work for Metallica, so he was let go. He also mentioned that he actually goes by Brad Parker.

The fan asked:

“Hey, Ron! I found a guy that the Metallica family tree from the Black Album deluxe box set says he was in the band. His name is Damian Phillips; who was he?”

McGovney replied:

“His name is really Brad Parker. He played one show with us as a guitarist. James was just singing at the time. His style just didn’t work out for us.”

Even though McGovney left the band too soon, he still partook in interviews and events related to the band and is best known for being there in their early years. However, Brad Parker stood away from the band after he failed, and currently, there isn’t much information on him online.

You can have a look at the tweets below.