The original bass guitarist of Metallica, Ron McGovney shared a post on his official Twitter page reacting to a hypothetical scenario of him staying in Metallica which brought up the fact that late Cliff Burton replaced his spot in the band as the bassist.

As you might recall, former Metallica bassist Cliff Burton, unfortunately, passed away on September 27, 1986, at the age of 24 due to a tragic bus crash during Metallica’s tour for ‘Master of Puppets’ album.

The devastating incident happened when the bus went off the road while Burton was asleep, causing him to be thrown out the window which resulted in the bus falling on top of him.

In addition to the tragic death of Cliff Burton, it was revealed that a few hours before the bus crash, Cliff and Metallica guitarists Kirk Hammett gambled about the better bed out of the two, and Hammett won the better one, leaving Burton with the other bed that led him to his death.

The former bassist of Metallica, Ron McGovney shared a post and reminded the fans of Burton’s heartbreaking death on his official Twitter page after a fan asked him how his life might have been if he had remained in the band. McGovney implied that if he were in Burton’s shoes he might have been the one who passed away.

Here is what the fan asked:

“Hey Ron, did you ever wondered how your life might have been if you had remained in the band?”

Here is how McGovney replied:

“Considering Cliff replaced me.…..”

You can see the Twitter post down below.