Former Metallica bassist, semi-retired musician Ron McGovney shared a throwback picture of himself when he was on stage with Metallica. Fans wondered if he enjoyed his days back then but the answer was different than expected.

Before leaving in 1982, Ron McGovney was a member of Metallica during its first year of gigging and appeared on their early demos. Before that McGovney formed his first band with James Hetfield and Hugh Tanner, the band was called Leather Charm. After leaving Metallica, McGovney’s attachment to music was nearly lost.

But recently McGovney posted a picture of himself on his official Twitter page. He stated how many years have been since being on stage with Metallica yet he did not share his feelings about the legendary band and playing with them again in 2011 after 29 years.

Here is what he said about the picture:

“San Francisco 2011. 29 years since I had been on stage with Metallica. I hope that finger means number one, not the middle finger.”

Fans were curious to know:

“Did you enjoyed playing with them again? How did it feel?

McGovney actually surprised the fans and replied:

“Nope. Not for me. Too scary.

After this shocking response, a fan wanted to know if McGovney felt the same way back in 1982 too. Here is what McGovney said about the issue:

Not scared in 1982. We were a garage band. A team. Friends. And we drank before we played. That helped.”

You can see the Twitter posts below.