A semi-retired American musician and also known as the first bass player of Metallica, Ron McGovney, has answered some of his fan’s questions and exposed an untold story between him and James Hetfield.

As you may already know, Ron McGovney is a childhood friend with Papa Het and they’ve begun to pursue a career in music altogether. He also was the original bass guitarist of Metallica from October 1981 to December 1982.

Today, after a fan named David Retro has posted a question mentioning Ron McGovney and asked if James Hetfield taught anything before getting in Metallica and Ron confessed that after James has written the riffs, he showed how he wants Ron to play the riffs by himself.

Here is what David Retro asked:

“Hi, Ron! Is it true that you didn’t know how to play bass and Hetfield teach you a few things before getting in the band?”

Ron McGovney answered:

“Kind of… I took a couple of years of guitar lessons and I had acoustic guitars and a Les Paul. I had an idea that James and I would be the dual guitars in a band.

When he asked me to play bass, it was a letdown. When he wrote riffs, he showed me what he wanted me to play.”

You can check out the tweets right below.