Metallica’s original bass guitarist Ron McGovney talked about the early days of the band by sharing a new post on his official Twitter account and shocked the followers with his statement.

Ron firstly revealed a photo from one of the Metallica’s 1982 concerts and revealed that the legendary late bassist of the band, Cliff Burton, was actually in the crowd and listening to them. Also, he shared what happened after the concert.

A friend of Ron, named David, also revealed that James, Lars, and Dave left the place with some people after the show ended as usual and force David and Ron to gather all the stuff by themselves during the rain.

With this behavior, James, Lars, and Dave disappointed the fans even though they were so young back in the days. However, it is also so clear that they improved so much since then because of how much they have been respected by the community.

Here is what Ron McGovney said:

“Just a note about this photo from a Metallica show in San Francisco in 1982: Cliff Burton is in the crowd… Somewhere.”

Some info about the previously tweeted Metallica live 1982 photo from my old friend David Marrs.”

A friend of Ron, David Marrs wrote:

“This photo was taken at the Old Waldorf. From what I remember; The crowd was absolutely nuts, after the show, James, Lars & Dave left with some people, so like usual, Me and Ron had to load up all the gear in the pouring rain.

We were just about done and Ron said to me, ‘That’s the bass player from Trauma.’ Cliff came up to us and asked us some questions, Ron asked him if he needed a ride, Cliff said, ‘No, someone’s coming to pick me up.’

The next morning, we had to pick up James, Lars & Dave. They told us that the guys up here talk differently. They say things like ‘Hella’ and ‘Stylin’ and if something is great, they say ‘Hella Mega-Stylin.'”

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