The classic line-up bassist of Metallica, Ron McGovney has responded to some questions about Metallica’s song ‘Hit The Lights,’ he got from the fans on Twitter.

On a fan’s question, Ron McGovney stated that he was at work when the ‘Hit The Lights’ was recorded, and James Hetfield played the bass guitar instead of him.

A fan named MetalDude1979 asked:

“Question. Did you actually play on the very first version of Metal Massacre 1 Hit the Lights (w/Lloyd Grant on final solo), I say you did….. another ‘person’ says you didn’t.”

Ron McGovney responded:

“James played my bass on it. I was at work.”

The same fan named MetalDude1979 responded:

“Friend wins. I lose. Thanks again. Straight to the point. You’ve answered 2 questions I’ve had for decades. Thank you.”

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A few weeks ago, Ron McGovney has shared a rare magazine cover of Fake Hit Prader which is featuring James Hetfield. That issue of the magazine was published in 1980.

While Ron was sharing that photo, he also revealed what James Hetfield told to him about the magazine.

You can listen to ‘Hit The Lights’ below.

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