The original bass guitarist of Metallica from 1981 to 1982 who is considered as the semi-retired musician, Ron McGovney, had a recent conversation on his verified Twitter page today and talked about the two sequential eras of Metallica: ‘The Young Metal Attack’ and ‘Metal Up Your Ass.’

Ron McGovney is the founder of the short-term band named Leather Charm in 1981 and just a year later, he was one of the four members of the first gigging lineup of Metallica along with Lars Ulrich, Dave Mustaine, James Hetfield. In a year, after clashing with Lars and Dave many times, he was replaced by yet another legend Cliff Burton.

In his latest Twitter conversation with a famous Metallica fan page, Ron McGovney chimed in after the fan page has released a video of the ‘tallica lineup without him and Dave Mustaine and called it ‘The Young Metal Attack’ in the title. Ron has shared the history of both eras and unveiled the story of how ‘Metal Up Year Ass’ has born.

Here’s what Ron McGovney said after the fan page shared the video:

“Not really. That term was used when Dave and I were in the band.”

A Metallica fan page responded:

“Not necessarily, but okay.”

Ron McGovney cleared the air about MUYA and TYMA era by writing this:

“The Young Metal Attack era ended close to the last few gigs that I played with the band. They came up with the MUYA slogan and I wouldn’t pay to have shirts made with it. Dave paid and MUYA shirts were made. I would never wear one. YMA died and MUYA was born.”

He added:

“I think he paid for recordable cassettes and postage to send out demo tapes.”

You can check out all of these tweets below.