A Twitter account dedicated to Metallica shared a quote from band’s frontman James Hetfield and ex-Metallica bassist Ron McGovney responded to the post by claiming he had never understood the real reason why James was so angry all the time.

As you may know, the talented musician Ron McGovney was the original bass guitarist of the thrash metal’s legendary band Metallica. McGovney was a member of the band for only about two years and he was replaced by Cliff Burton.

Recently, a Twitter account dedicated to Metallica, ‘Book of Metallica,’ posted a picture of the band’s iconic lead singer James Hetfield and a quote from him about his anger issues. In the quote, James stated that anger was a part of who he is and although he tried to hide it, he decided that it was best to embrace that feeling and celebrate it.

Here’s what James Hetfield said about his anger issues:

“‘Anger has kinda been this part of me that I’ve tried to embrace, I’ve tried to hide, I’ve tried to do everything with, & it is just a part of me, so I celebrate it.’ –James Hetfield”

In the comment section, the former Metallica bassist Ron McGovney reacted to James’ statement by asserting that he had never fully comprehended what the Metallica icon was so angry about all the time. Ron also claimed that Hetfield had changed greatly since they were young.

Here’s how Ron McGovney responded:

“I never really figured out what James is so angry about. He has changed so much since we were teenagers.”

You can see the tweet Ron McGovney posted on Twitter below.