Former Metallica bassist Ron McGovney posted a tweet to reflect his gratefulness for his former bandmate and Megadeth icon after Dave Mustaine praised him during his recent interview with Gibson Guitars.

As you probably know, Metallica’s original line-up consisted of James Hetfield as the lead vocalist, Lars Ulrich as the drummer, Dave Mustaine as the lead guitarist, and Ron McGovney as the bassist. However, only Hetfield and Ulrich managed to stay in the band as the original members.

Dave Mustaine was fired by Ulrich and Hetfield because of his aggressive behavior when he abused alcohol. The band recruited Kirk Hammet as a replacement. Also, Ron McGovney left the band due to personal problems with the band members and was replaced by Cliff Burton.

During his recent interview, Mustaine recalled when he was a Metallica member and talked about McGovney’s good personality and dedication. McGovney shared a post to thank Dave Mustaine for his nice words about him. He stated that they shared some unforgettable moments and said he’s happy they both survived.

Mustaine talked about McGovney saying:

“Ron McGovney was probably the most grounded of all of us. He was a reliable and dependable bass player.

McGovney’s tweet read:

“Thanks to Dave Mustaine for his kind words about me in his Gibson Guitar icons interview. Our time in Metallica was very crazy and memorable. I’m glad both of us survived, and the respect I have for Dave is mutual.

You can watch the interview and see the tweet below.