Original Metallica bassist Ron McGovney spoke in an interview with Talk Is Jericho and revealed an interesting memory about Metallica.

He remembers that around ’83; he, Dave Mustaine, Lars Ulrich, James Hetfield, Cliff Burton and Kirk Hammett gathered at his home. Ron said:

“Dave got booted and Kirk was in the band. They came around in ’83. I found out their phone number in San Francisco, I called them and I said, ‘You guys are playing the country club out here in LA. You guys wanna stay at my house?’

At that point, I only had a couple of months before they were gonna tear the house down. [Ron’s house was scheduled for demolition due to freeway construction] I said, ‘I don’t care what you do to it.’ So they all showed up and stayed at my house and kind of trashed the place and I didn’t really care.

Everybody was there. Cliff was there, the whole band. Even Dave Mustaine showed up. And I wish I would have got a picture with all of us together. But I could never get Dave and Kirk in the same room at that point.

Interviewer: So, Dave showed up?

Ron responded:

“Yeah, I had a party just as they got there. Before they played the country club. And Dave showed up and I was like, ‘Man, this would be a great picture, like the band and me and Dave.’ And I never could get them two to take a picture together.

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