Former Metallica bassist Ron McGovney has shared a rare magazine cover of Fake Hit Prader which is featuring James Hetfield. That issue of the magazine was published in 1980.

While Ron was sharing that photo, he also revealed what James Hetfield told to him about the magazine. Here’s what Ron wrote:

“1980. Fake Hit Parader magazine cover that James and I posted in front of. James told me that he still has his copy.”

A fan named Delight Fully Ugly asked:

“That’s awesome! James made that?”

Ron responded:

“No. We took the photo at a booth at Magic Mountain.”

Another fan named Nat asked:

“Had you guys formed Metallica at this point?”

Ron replied:

“No. We were in high school.”

Twitter user Ronan Dally asked:

“I think I have seen James talk about this and it’s framed on a wall in HQ ??”

Ron responded:

“Yes. His is a copy from mine. I have the original.”

Check out the photo that Ron shared below.