Former Metallica bassist and also co-founder of the band, Ron McGovney, had a recent Twitter conversation on his verified Twitter page and revealed a bold truth about James and their relationship.

As you might check out the conversation between Ron and Speak N’ Destroy, the page exposed a really rare frame of James Hetfield from his younghood, and Ron stated that even he didn’t see that special frame of James before.

He also confessed a bold truth about James’ high school days and indicated that he was always seeing James as a great friend, instead, all of his friends looked up to him as a musician these days.

Here is his first reaction to the photo:

“I’ve never seen this photo of James and Eddie Van Halen before. It’s crazy to see him with rock stars that we had posters of on our wall at the Norwalk house.

I guess I never look at James as a rock star like a lot of people do. He’s just my old high school/garage band friend.

After that, a Twitter user named Keith mentioned Ron and asked a wondered question about Papa Het:

“Was James’ incredible talent evident in high school?”

Ron McGovney responded:

“All my friends looked up to him as a musician.

He probably didn’t know it at the time.”

You can check out these special tweets right below.