Former Metallica producer Flemming Rasmussen talked about one of their albums’ creations in his recent conversation with Louder Sound. He revealed that he had to reject the band’s drummer Lars Ulrich about the record.

Danish sound engineer and record producer Rasmussen gained fame, especially for his works with Metallica for ‘Ride the Lightning,’ ‘Master of Puppets,’ and ‘…And Justice for All.’ His collaboration with some of their best works received positive reviews from critics and fans.

However, Metallica initially teamed up with ‘Appetite For Destruction’ producer Mike Clink for their fourth studio album because of Rasmussen’s busy work schedule. The producer recalled those times, saying that Ulrich called to tell him they booked a studio for ‘…And Justice for All.’

Rasmussen turned the drummer down because he wasn’t available at that time; later, the Metallica members begged him to come and work with them. He highlighted that they obviously couldn’t be in harmony with Clink, so they convinced the famous producer to join them for the sessions.

Here’s what the reporter said:

“Then you even turned down Metallica, when initially asked to produce ‘…And Justice For All.'”

Rasmussen responded:

“Ha! Yes, but it was a timing thing. Lars called me in November ’87 and said, ‘We’ve booked a studio from January 1, we have it for four months, we’re doing a new album, and we want you to produce it.’

I said, ‘Lars, I can’t. I’m busy until April,’ and he was like, ‘No! You have to come! We’ve booked the studio! Move everything else!’ I said, ‘I can’t, Lars. No.’ So they started with Mike Clink instead. Then begged me to come over when it was obvious that wasn’t working!”

You can listen to the album below.