Former Metallica bassist, Ron McGovney, responded to a tweet by the official Twitter account Metallica about their Damaged Justice tour and he replied every single question from the fans asking the details of all the important dates of his career.

The iconic thrash metal band Metallica started its fourth concert tour named ‘Damaged Justice‘ on September 11, 1988. The name of the tour believed to be inspired by the cover of the band’s fourth studio album ‘…And Justice for All.’

Recently, the official Twitter account of Metallica announced an upcoming show on their Youtube channel presenting the undiscovered footage of their final show of the North American leg of the Damaged Justice tour in 1989.

Here’s the recent announcement of Metallica on their forthcoming project:

“#MetallicaMondays gets busted by security! Check out the bootleg camcorder footage (with soundboard audio) from the final gig of the North American leg of the Damaged Justice tour in Irvine in 1989. The show will premiere at 5 PM PDT / 8 PM EDT on YouTube and Facebook.

As a response to Metallica’s announcement, the band’s former bassist Ron McGovney wrote:

I was there.

Ron McGovney‘s tweet started a small Q&A with the Metallica fans and he proved that he could remember every single detail of the memorable dates relating the band.

A Twitter follower named Damian Colaprette asked about Metallica’s show in Irvine in 1989 as a part of the Damaged Justice tour and wrote:

“What do you remember about that day Ron? Did you meet the guys after or before the show?”

As a response to the question, Ron McGovney stated:

They stayed at my house.

A Metallica fan nicknamed Crillz also asked:

What was the most recent Metallica gig you attended?

McGovney replied with a short answer saying:

Atlanta 2017.”

Another fan nicknamed Despertad wanted to know:

And first gig as crowd??

Ron had an answer to this question too and wrote:

Country Club…Reseda ,CA. 1983

You can see the tweets Ron McGovney posted on his Twitter account below.