The original member of Metallica, Ron McGovney, has shared a new post on his official Twitter account and made an unexpected announcement about himself.

A few days ago, Ron has announced that he is thinking about selling the vinyl records that he collected in the ’80s. For the reason, Ron explained he is not a collector anymore and didn’t even buy for a long time.

Yesterday, Ron stated that he decided to sell all the vinyl records on eBay. Also, he said that he doesn’t have any Metallica vinyl, cassettes or CDs. With this statement, Ron shocked the community and his fans for being far away from Metallica.

Here is what Ron McGovney said:

“I have decided to sell the vinyl. Cardboard mailers have been ordered. It’s going to take a while to catalog. I will list them on eBay when I’m ready. I’m thinking about adding a signed Metallica flyer copy in each sleeve. I will post a link here for record list and auctions.

By the way, I don’t have any Metallica vinyl. Or cassettes. Or CDs.”

A fan named Sammy Edwards was wondering:

“Surely you’ve got an original No life til leather in your personal collection?”

Ron replied:


Another fan named Allen asked:

“Just curious why you felt like you needed to clear the air on this point?”

Ron wrote:

“Lots of questions about Metallica recordings.”

You can check his tweets below.