Co-founder and the first bass guitarist of Metallica, Ron McGovney, has shared a tweet about an incident that happened in 1982 with his bandmates on his official Twitter account.

On Sunday, A Metallica fan page has shared a rare photo of Metallica members via Twitter, and also, in the tweet, they wrote a story about how Cliff Burton joined the band.

Here’s the story of Cliff Burton:

“February 15th, 1983: #Metallica decided to move to San Francisco, as Cliff Burton only agreed to join the band if they’re willing to move out.”

After a while, Ron McGovney has seen this tweet of the fan page and written an answer tweet to the page. In the tweet of Ron, he has explained the joining process of Cliff Burton in more detail.

Here’s what Ron wrote in the tweet:

“I’m not sure how this date was made their decision to move date. I knew what was happening with Cliff on my last trip to S.F. with the band in November of 82.

I told them to take their equipment from my house in early December of 82. I was of no use to them anymore.”

You can see all the tweets of them right below.