Co-founder Metallica bassist Ron McGovney has posted a new tweet on the Twitter account, revealing a little-known fact about James Hetfield and his former band.

A Twitter fan page named BookOfMetallicA has revealed a quote from Metallica frontman James Hetfield in which he was speaking about his former bands and how he formed Metallica.

Ron McGovney has responded to BookofMetallica’s tweet and revealed some details about James Hetfield’s former bands and his first met with drummer Lars Ulrich. In the meanwhile, basically, we can say that he confirmed the fact that written by Metallica Fan Page.

Here’s what the fan page wrote:

“‘I was in a band called Obsession. & then there was another band called Leather Charm. Then I met Lars..’ —James Hetfield”

Ron McGovney replied:

“James was in a band called Obsession. Then he was in a band called Syrinx. Then he met Lars. Then he was in a band called Leather Charm… without Lars. Then there was Metallica.”

A Twitter user named Ratlhed commented and said this:

“Metallica?! Sounds weird, I don’t think it’ll catch on.”

Check out the tweet below.