One of the most famous icons of the music community and the former bassist of the Metallica, Ron McGovney, posted a recent tweet on his verified social media account and revealed an interesting announcement for the fans.

As you will check out the tweet of Ron below, he stated that he’s thinking about selling the memorials he collected during the 80s. And most of these memorials are the vinyl records he collected with the current frontman of Metallica, James Hetfield.

Here is what Ron wrote:

I’m thinking about selling my vinyl records. I am not a collector anymore. I haven’t bought a record since the 80s.

These are the albums I bought new when they were released. The same ones James and I cued up in our high school and band days. Maybe 400 or 500 of them. Thoughts?

A Twitter user named Fearless responded to the post:

I’d sell the ones you ‘ll never listen to. And keep the ones that you really like. Don’t sell in bulk, you’ll most likely get ripped off unless you research what they’re worth beforehand and you make a price.”

Another user named RikkNiner77 wrote this:

“First of all, Live In The Heart Of The City is a classic and very underrated live album. Neil Murray and Cozy ROCKED! That being said, I’d keep some of your collection, cuz down the road you may regret it. Rock On!”

You can check out the tweet right below.