Former bassist of Metallica and highly-anticipated social media personality, Ron McGovney, posted a recent photo on his official Twitter account and exposed an unseen photo of Iron Maiden singer Bruce Dickinson.

As you might check out the photo below, Ron took that photo in the early ’80s… So, it means that this is at least 31 years-old frame we are facing.

Here is what Ron McGovney wrote about that rare pic:

“I snapped a picture of Bruce Dickinson of Iron Maiden at a hotel pool in the early 80s. He wasn’t happy.

He told me that I wasn’t his official photographer. Had a run-in with “official photographer” in Cleveland at the RRHOF party in 2009. What a little jerk.

After that tweet, lots of fans thought that he called Bruce as a little jerk. However, Ron posted a new tweet and clarified the situation.

Here is his second tweet:

“To clarify….”official photographer” was the little jerk I was referring to.”

Later on, he added yet another tweet to fix the things he said about the photographer.

Here is his third tweet:

“Just to clear something up about the Bruce Dickenson photo…I was asked by someone doing an interview with him to be the photographer. I thought everything was set up. I took the photo, expecting to take more. After his reaction, I put the camera away. Cool guy after that.

You can check out these tweets right below.