A Twitter user named ‘MetalMike’ has shared some rare photos of Metallica that was taken after the show in San Francisco, and former Metallica bassist Ron McGovney wrote a simple message over it.

The photo is featuring drummer Lars Ulrich, singer James Hetfield, lead guitarist Dave Mustaine, and of course, bassist Ron McGovney. In the photo, they look a little bit tired because of the live performance they had.

Ex-Metallica star took to social media as usual and wrote the backstory of the photos. Here’s what Ron said about it:

“Not sure what Metallica San Francisco show this was, but we look a little tired. 🤘😁”

A fan named Chris asked:

“Do you recognize the woman Lars is clutching on to?”

Ron responded:

“Is she the interviewer in a video that says ‘Metallica: the hot band from L.A.’? And Cliff puts his head in his hands in the clip. Too funny. Maybe her… Not sure.”

Another fan named Bigal asked:

“Hey, Ron. We’re you and James childhood friends and you still keep in touch with your old bandmates and future bandmates like Jason Newsted for an example?”

Ron didn’t answer this question.

You can see the photos below.