Former Metallica star and one of the most famous bassists of the world, Ron McGovney, posted a recent tweet on his verified social media account, and he yearned the days he was a roommate with the current frontman of the band, James Hetfield.

As you might already know, Ron is one of the social media celebrities who informs the fans about the unknown details about Metallica’s earlier days. This time, he indicated that he and James were listening to Riot’s ‘Fire Down Under’ album in 1981.

Unfortunately, Ron decided to sell that special Vinyl with an auction on eBay and shared the link for those who interest.

Here is what Ron McGovney wrote:

Less than day left for this great album by Riot. James was my roommate back in 1981, and we played this exact album a lot.

It is even a misprint! Signed photocopy of Metallica’s first flyer included!

A Twitter user named GringoHorn responded to the tweet:

“All over it Ron🤘🏻”

You can check out the tweet and the eBay link right below.