The original bass player of Metallica, Ron McGovney, has responded to some questions that he got from fans on Twitter.

And during the conversation, he has revealed untold stories about the recording process of Kill ‘Em All album. Ron also mentioned a ‘band secret’ that we’ve never heard.

Ron said that James Hetfield changed some lyrics of the songs from Kill Em’ All album after Dave Mustaine’s departure. Read the conversation below.

A fan named Roger asked:

“Hey, Ron can you say who came up with riffs, lyrics, and solos for kill em all. Because it seems that all the Megadeth fans say that Dave did and Metallica ripped off Dave. It would be cool if you put it out there”

Ron responded:

“Listen to No Life Til Leather and compare Dave’s solos to Kirk’s solos on Kill em All. Get back to me after you listen to the whole tape.”

Roger asked again:

“They’re all kirk’s What about the riffs and lyrics?”

Ron McGovney replied:

“So… think that Kirk’s solos on Kill em All sound nothing like Dave’s solos on No Life Til Leather? James wrote almost all the riffs except for the main riff in Hit the Lights. The Mechanix ( Four Horsemen) was all Dave. James changed the lyrics. Same for Jump in the fire.”

Roger asked another question:

“Dave’s solos are kind of sloppy on no life till leather unless Kirk improved those solos but I heard those kinds of solos when Kirk was on exodus. Who wrote the main riff of hit the lights?”

Ron paid attention to a band secret but he has not revealed the secret that he mentioned. Here’s what he said:

“Band secret. Can’t tell ya….”

You can reach the conversation below.