The original bass guitarist of Metallica, Ron McGovney has responded to a question that he got from a fan on Twitter and revealed if he has ever felt any regret leaving Metallica.

A fan named John asked a question to Ron and wanted to learn his opinion about Metallica’s overwhelming after he left the band. John replied with an honorable message and stated that he would rather freedom instead of money.

The conversation started with John’s question:

“@RonMcGovney do you ever regret leaving metallica and seeing them have overwhelming success?”

Ron McGovney replied:

“I would rather have privacy and freedom over money any day of the week.”

A fan named Carlos wrote this:

“Ron was part of Metallica and will always be, they’re still friends. I don’t think Ron has or had time to regret leaving the band. He thought was the right choice and went ahead. Not everyone has the courage”

Another fan named Bob said:

“And you Mr. McGovney are one of the people that figured out the key to a happy life just from this statement. Happy for you. Most of us never figure that out.”

You can read the tweets below.