The original bass guitarist of Metallica, Ron McGovney has replied to a fan page of Metallica on his official Twitter account and exposed a rare truth about James Hetfield and Dave Mustaine.

A fan page of the band, Book Of Metallica, has posted a rare photo of James and Dave. Afterward, Ron saw this picture and replied that he is the one who took this picture actually. Also, Ron stated that he also has the negatives of this frame.

Here is what Book Of Metallica captioned:

“James Hetfield with Dave Mustaine, live at the Whiskey opening up for Saxon.”

Ron McGovney replied:

“My photo. I have the negatives.”

A fan named Daniel Landucci asked:

“I’m planning a trip to LA/SF next year to get to know a little bit about the band’s early days. I know that meeting current members or Ron would be impossible but every time I see images from the beginning of their careers it makes me want to put this plan to work.”

Ron replied:

“I live in North Carolina.”

You can read his tweets below.