Metallica’s original bass guitarist Ron McGovney replied to the tweets of Metallica and unofficially asked if he could be the fifth member of the band.

Ron McGovney is the first bass guitarist that Metallica have played with, but he decided to leave the band in 1982 due to the growing tension between him and the rest of the band. As a replacement, Cliff Burton joined the band.

In the post, Metallica wanted to celebrate the 40th anniversary of their foundation by making a live event in San Francisco, California in December and encouraged their followers to join this event.

Later on, Ron McGovney replied to this tweet of Metallica and asked if he could be the fifth member of the band. However, we all know that Ron is joking around as he does as always because he has no intention to join Metallica as he usually speaks loud about that.

Afterward, one of the fans suggested that he could be on the stage for this special event, but Ron rejected this idea before thinking about it because he did it in the 30th-anniversary show and doesn’t want to do such a thing once again.

Here is the official announcement from Metallica:

“MTF?!? Metallica turns 40! What better way to mark this milestone than to invite the worldwide Metallica Family to join us in San Francisco where we will be performing two different live sets at Chase Center on December 17 & 19 for Fifth Members only!”

Ron McGovney replied:

“Is it too late to become a fifth member?”

One of the fans said:

“At least you deserve to be on stage. You’re part of the Metallica history after all. You deserve to celebrate too.”

Ron McGovney replied:

“I did that at 30th-anniversary show. Never again.”

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