Former Mötley Crüe singer John Corabi penned an important statement about President Donald Trump’s impeachment, and he criticized Trump with really harsh words.

On Wednesday, the House of Representatives charged against Trump on two important issues; abuse of his office and obstruction of Congress.

Trump became the third president to faced impeachment in U.S. history. None of those earlier actions resulted in a president’s removal from office.

John Corabi took to his Facebook to say something about the latest developments.

Here’s what John stated:

“By the looks of Facebook today I see the “IMPEACHMENT” of DJT has done one thing…DIVIDED us even further! Now if I may…Here’s my take…..

What I believe is our leaders Republican and Democrat are nothing but a bunch of OVERPAID, whiny bitches that are getting nothing done for you and I...PERIOD!!! DJT overturned a bunch of Obama legislation/regulations and when the next Democrat comes, they’ll overturn them again…

It’s like a fucking checkers game. I personally can see arguments on both sides. But all we’re doing now is buying into whatever NEWS outlet supports your party. It’s hilarious to me how far apart we’ve become on things!! One party can say it’s “A beautiful sunny day” and the opposing party will argue because it’s the right thing to do for THE PARTY!!!

Not what’s right or truthful for the US…Now the Impeachment goes to Senate…yes, that Republican-run Senate, which will overwhelmingly vote AGAINST Impeachment so its…STALEMATE!!! How about fixing or at least trying to work in a fucking BIPARTISAN fashion (like you said you would do when you ran for office)on things we give a shit about…”

He continued:

UPHOLDING THE SECOND AMMENDMENT with sensible addendums that fit our modern society…

As far as I’m concerned we’re all buying into the “BIG POLITICAL SPIN” and it’s dividing the US, “The People” as in “We The People”… We need to hold EVERYONE accountable in Washington…period.

I think, in the long-run US, as hard-working people all want a lot of the same things (excluding religious/moral pushed policies..I.e. gay marriage, abortion, etc)

We all want to WORK, pay reasonable taxes, not worry about losing everything we have in a medical crisis, get married, have a nice home, car, and put a little cash away for a rainy day/retirement, and not leave your family destitute when you croak…That’s what I want..

So you see,…I think we ARE a little more similar than the POLITICIANS think…Let’s start being a little kinder to EACH other…”

Check out the Facebook post below.

By the looks of Facebook today I see the “IMPEACHMENT” of DJT has done one thing…DIVIDED us even further! Now if I…

Gepostet von John Corabi am Donnerstag, 19. Dezember 2019