The current Foo Fighters frontman and also known as a huge Nirvana legend, Dave Grohl, posted a bunch of new photos on his recently opened Instagram page and revealed a never-told-before strip club story.

As you will check out the whole story right below, Dave revealed how did they learn that they are going on after Pantera, closing the show in place of Korn.

He also revealed the untold story of how the Pantera members welcomed him and ended up in a strip club.

Dave did not forget to mention Nirvana by revealing if it wasn’t for the band, Foo Fighter could not even exist right now. Here is what he told about the situation:

“I’ve never been afraid to say that if it weren’t for Nirvana, the Foo Fighters wouldn’t be in the same position that we’re in now. We had an advantage right out of the gate that there was an interest in the band because of that. I mean, it’s obvious.”

An Instagram user named Jordan Raiff made the most-liked comment under the post:

“These stories are truly something special. Had we just had the Adam Sandler ‘Keys, Phone, Wallet’ at every stop your doors would have opened. Yet this story is even better with that ending.”

Another Instagram user, James Stone, wrote this:

“Ended up at Vinnie’s house one crazy night after the CLUBHOUSE and dude legit had a swimming pool shaped like a Crown Royal bottle! Awesome story man ⚡️Stay safe!”

You can check out Dave’s recent photos and the long story right below.