Former Ozzy Osbourne bassist Bob Daisley opened up about the time when he was a member of Rainbow and their tour with AC/DC in 1978. While revealing his opinions on the band, the bassist stated that it was late rhythm guitarist Malcolm Young who truly directed the band.

As many of you know, the true leader of AC/DC has been questioned by many fans of the band, and lead guitarist Angus Young was often mistaken as the member who has been in charge since he was the more visible of the brothers. However, it was Malcolm Young who was regarded as the driving force and the true leader of the band according to many music critics as well as the band members.

Angus himself stated many times during interviews that it was his brother who started the whole band and was responsible for their iconic hard rock sound. Yet, Malcolm had always been away from the spotlight. Therefore, he was oftentimes underrated by many other musicians and fans.

During a recent interview with The CMS Network, Bob Daisley looked back on the time when he was a member of Rainbow and the band toured the United States with AC/DC back in 1978. In addition to stating that he was friends with late lead vocalist Bon Scott, Daisley also said he was close with Malcolm Young.

According to the bassist, Malcolm Young was yet another musician who constantly was being overlooked. In his statement, Daisley claimed that the rhythm guitarist was the ‘strong force’ behind AC/DC.

In addition to this, the former Ozzy Osbourne bassist praised the late AC/DC icon by stating that he wasn’t just a rhythm guitarist who simply did his part for AC/DC. Malcolm Young was also the brain, heart, and soul behind the band which made him the true leader.

Bob Daisley’s statement goes:

“When I was with Rainbow, AC/DC opened up for some shows for the American tour and that would have been in 1978. Bon Scott was a mate of mine, I knew Bon very well and Malcolm as well. You see, Malcolm is another one who gets it overlooked a little bit because really AC/DC was his band.

He gave the direction and he was a strong force behind the direction of AC/DC. I think he got disregarded a little bit too much you know, he’s just a rhythm player who just stands there and plays chords but he was the brains, heart, and soul behind that band.”

You can listen to the podcast below.