During the recent interview with Jimmy Kay, the host of The Metal Voice from Canada, former Ozzy Osbourne and Uriah Heep drummer Lee Kerslake talked about his current illness.

He said that he has prostate cancer and doctor gave him about eight months to live. Here’s the statement:

“It’s prostate cancer but it’s moved to rest of my body I have now have bone cancer which is nasty one, so the Doctor gave me about eight months to live. But I’ve been fighting all the way.

Five years ago they gave me four years to live and so that gives you an idea. Not only have I got bone cancer I’ve got psoriasis and psoriatic arthritis and two heart murmurs. As I said to you I’m fighting it and there’s no telling what can happen and they might have a new drug come out and I’ll experiment with it if it keeps me alive.

I survived this long and all this time I have had this terminal cancer but I have defied it because the music kept me fighting.

He also talked about his upcoming solo album that will be released in 2019, he said:

“My new album is called Eleventeen the reason it’s Eleventeen is when I was a kid and I was at school I used to count and I used to go why isn’t there an Eleventeen in the numbers? It sounds right you have 18 19 but no Eleventeen, So that’s all the name of the album Eleventeen because it’s silly and it’s all about you know my craziness.

I’ve done some serious heavy songs, I’ve done a ballad song about my mum, there is a pub song, it has a lot of variety on the album and it is completed mixed and finished and now we are shopping it around.”

You can watch the entire interview from below.