Former guitarist of Ozzy Osbourne, Jake E. Lee, spoke in the recent interview with Brave Words and revealed his thoughts about Ozzy’s wife and manager, Sharon Osbourne.

In the conversation, Jake called Sharon as a vindictive person and stated that she is spending so much energy to be mad. By saying this, he also praised Sharon’s talent as a manager.

Jake mentioned that Sharon is probably the first woman manager in the history who could manage the staff and be feared. Also, Jake said that she is doing a really good job even though she could go too far sometimes.

Interviewer asked:

“I’ve always found it strange that Ozzy rarely plays songs from your era. I love those two records, they really are superb and have aged beautifully over time. Are you still happy with them?”

Jake E. Lee replied:

“Yeah, I was happy with them. I do agree with him that maybe The Ultimate Sin should be remixed because it was a bit of a poppy mix at the time and he wanted to increase his fan base at the time.

Ron Nevison gave it more of a poppy thing, but it’s a heavy record, so I think it should be remixed. Let’s have an alternate mix of that. I would hope he’d invite me to it.”

Interviewer said:

“Just hope that Sharon keeps your guitar on there!”

Jake E. Lee responded:

“Sharon… Sharon can be so vindictive. Why be that way? I don’t understand it. It seems like it takes a lot of energy. She spends a lot of energy to be mad and to get back at people who she thinks have wronged her or Ozzy.”

Interviewer about Sharon:

“I think she’s taught a lot of people, particularly women, to be more of a bitch because it’s always been a man’s game. I’m not justifying some of the really evil things that she’s done, but I think she’s done some good by being that force and face.”

Jake E. Lee said:

“Yeah. She was probably the first woman manager to probably command her staff, and be feared.”

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