Back in October 2018, former Ozzy Osbourne guitarist Jake E. Lee said that Yngwie Malmsteen is ‘an arrogant fucking asshole’. He also claimed that ‘Yngwie Malmsteen is a shitty rhythm player; he can’t write a song worth a fuck.’

During the recent interview with “The Eddie Trunk Podcast”, Jake E. Lee has clarified his claims against Yngwie Malmsteen and said:

“I never said he was a shit guitar player… I don’t remember how it came up. As you know, doing interviews, you get the same questions over and over… and, for some reason, Yngwie came up. And it was a left turn that I relished, because it wasn’t your standard question.

And I won’t say I regret it — I stand by everything I said. And I never questioned his ability as a guitar player, really. He’s a phenomenal guitar player. I question his person, his being.”

Like I said, I kind of wish I never said it, but he’s an arrogant asshole. He is. Everybody in the industry knows it. Nobody really says anything. And I brought it up and I shouldn’t have. ‘Cause it’s a personal opinion and it probably should have stayed personal.”

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Here’s what he said about Yngwie Malmsteen in October 2018:

“He just focuses on this one part. He’s a shitty rhythm player; he can’t write a song worth a fuck. And I’m saying this, and this sounds bad — I feel a little bit bad — but knowing what an asshole he is, I don’t feel that bad.

You can’t be that arrogant if you’re only really good at one minute aspect of the art of playing guitar. And that’s all he was… And … yeah, fuck him.”

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