One of the former guitarists of Ozzy Osbourne and current member of Firewind, Gus G., was recently interviewed by Talk Toomey and exposed the untold details of how did he prepare for Ozzy Osbourne’s audition.

Gus G. confessed that he had a long-time preparation process for the audition and made his homework. He also revealed the upcoming, self-titled album of the band which will be released on May 15.

Talk Toomey asked:

“Did you grow up learning the Jake E. Lee, Randy Rhoads stuff, so when it came time to audition for Ozzy, you already had it, or was it something you kind of had to go back and relearn?”

Gus G. responded:

“I knew it, of course, I was familiar with it. I didn’t know all the songs; some of them I needed to learn how to play, but not like so deep.

Of course, when you go into an audition like that, you prepare differently for that, so yeah, I did way more research.

I searched on the internet all different versions from all different guitar players, go back to the original records, and that kind of thing.

I was already familiar with every guitar player’s style, of course. These guys were my favorite players, so I knew their sound and style, of course, and I knew what to go for in each song.”

Talk Toomey asked this:

“Did you have like a record store you could go to, you initially found, or something like that?”

Gus G. responded:

“There were a couple of shops… Most record shops downtown that were specializing in metal, I would go check out what came every month or if they had some vinyl on sale, that’s where I picked up some vinyl Racer X, Marty Friedman, stuff like that.

It was on sale, you could get it much cheaper than, like, a normal new heavy metal record that came out at the time. It was one-third of the price, and I would buy all those guitar records.”

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