Former Ozzy Osbourne guitarist Gus G. spoke in an interview with Total Guitar, and mentioned about his bad obsession for guitar playing.

Here’s the statement:

“I try to avoid getting too emotionally attached to my instruments. I actually gave back my very first signature prototype to ESP for one of their museums in Tokyo. I have over 40 guitars at home – that’s more than I need!

If there’s one that means the most, maybe it would be my first Strat because it was so special at the time. There’s also a new Gary Moore Strat that I recently acquired – this 1961 reissue in Fiesta Red, which is obviously high up there, too!”

He also reveals the biggest misconception him, and said:

“I guess the biggest misconception about me is that I’m this mechanical shred machine that has no feel at all. We all look through comments every now and then… sure, you find people that think what you do is boring but you can’t please everyone. Especially during the Ozzy years, I guess some people felt I had no feeling whatsoever – like I could execute it perfectly but played too robotic – and I just don’t think that’s true about me.

I’m a guy that’s definitely worked on his vibrato and phrasing – I just happen to use techniques. I look at someone like Guthrie Govan and he makes me feel like a beginner!”

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