During the recent interview with Anti Hero Magazine, former Ozzy Osbourne guitarist Jake E. Lee has revealed the most important thing he learned from Ozzy, when he was playing in his band.

Interviewer said:

“What would you say would be the most valuable lesson you learned during your time with Ozzy?”

Jake E. Lee responded:

“Interesting, a valuable lesson. Well, unfortunately, I believe the most valuable lesson that I learned was to get things in writing. And always have a lawyer looking after you. Because of the whole thing with Ozzy.

I don’t have credits for Bark At The Moon, and I know I sound like I’m whining about it because it seems like it comes up a lot. I’m not, I’m not. If I was going to whine about it, I would have sued Ozzy a long time ago.

It is what it is, but I would say that was, more than anything, the most important thing I’ve learned. And for me it’s about the music, it’s not about the money, but if there’s going to be money made then you want to make sure it goes to the right people. So, I would have to say, yeah, that’s the most valuable lesson I learned.”

In another interview with VH1 Classic, Jake E. Lee claimed he wrote “Bark at the Moon” for which Ozzy Osbourne claimed credit, along with the rest of that album.

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